Katy Perry unimpressed by recycled news

Katy Perry feels that news agencies are doing too much 'recycling' of old interviews and opinions that she has long forgotten about.

The music star is one of the entertainment industry s hardest working individuals, but often her opinions become the centerpiece of the news recycle . This becomes fatiguing at times when the original interviews are sometimes weeks or even months old.

Katy : "the press have to create dirt when there isn't any."

One recent story that won t get retired is her dislike to Madonna and her use of the 'Crucifixion act'. This is pale in comparison to Piers Morgan s Beg Me For Mercy stance which has angered Madonna fans and pleased critics. Interviews regularly become front page news 'again' even though if it were a traditional print interview, it would already be in the trash or used as firewood.

While twitter could be considered the real version of the news from our favorite icons, often we are left with a version of a story that has been changed a thousand times by some great writing and imagination.

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