Kanye West's Dark Twisted Fantasy wins Rolling Stone album of the year

LOS ANGELES, USA - After another year of controversy, Kanye West has topped Rolling Stone Magazine's best album of the year chart with 'My Beatiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'

Having recovered from 2009's epic live diss with Taylor Swift, the rapper/producer turned to his dark side to create another wonder of music fans were eager to discover. After admitting being suicidal, Kanye not only came back strong for his fans with a new album filled with powerful and melodic songs, but the rapper turned into a filmmaker, directing his 35 minute musical 'Runaway'.

'Runaway' was a breath of fresh air from the industry, although dysfunctional in terms of story, it has its unique qualities that brings something new to music storytelling. It also set a new standard for extended music videos.

Kanye West recovery

Like Eminem, Kanye West staged a powerful recovery in 2010, combined with some controversial moments like the Matt Laur diss via twitter that the media branded as a foolish mistake. Even though Kanye lost out on free publicity, there were plenty of people talking about his no-show that generated enough buzz to push his album through without it.

Kanye West on twitter

Kanye West Runaway music video

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