Kanye West and Eminem genius in the studio says Elton John

Kanye West got nothing but praise from Elton John in a recent interview, where he also made a shout out to Eminem's talent.

Kanye West was widely praised for his comeback in My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy including his epic Runaway music video directed by himself.

Elton John has been a strong supporter of the Hip Hop movement and is one of the most renowned musicians in living memory. To get his approval is definitely good news for these two artists, but they already know their 'genius' wasn t an accident.

While Kanye may continue to be a controversial yet talented rapper and producer, Eminem s lyrtical genius never fails to unimpress his audience. What is even more humbling is Eminem went out of his way to say to his fans that his Relapse accents were overdone. What artist disses his own material? Very few.

It is easy to critique artists that are not in line with a person s musical tastes, but Elton, Kanye and Eminem have all inspired several generations of music lovers, and will continue to innovate in their own way, what they believe to be good music.

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