Justin Bieber's mom, Pattie Mallette, reveals dark past

The struggle of a young mother in 'Nowhere but Up'

Pattie Mallette has released a memoir entitled 'Nowhere but Up' that tells the story of her youth, and how she overcame drug and alcohol addiction.

Very few people until now had come across the revelation that Bieber's mom was sexually abused, and had attempted suicide. Released this week, Mallette's gripping story unravels the secret behind a young woman who went to rock bottom, and had nowhere to go but up.

With the help of a co-writer, Mallette describes her difficult years in 'Nowhere but Up', and reveals the journey she took to get out of her perilous situation.

The book also covers the early years of Justin Bieber's rise to success, an equally unlikely success story, which makes the message of this memoir an incredibly powerful message to young women who have struggled with abuse, drugs, alcohol and teenage pregnancies.

Bieber's mom was only 17 when she became pregnant with Justin, and had been encouraged to abort the baby, but a pregnancy center helped her decide not to do it. The rest is history and today, her son Justin Bieber happens to be the most powerful celebrity online.

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