Justin Bieber's Never Say Never biggest 3D Documentary ever?

Justin Bieber's Never Say Never comes out a week today, but will it beat Jackass 3D? Featuring Miley Cyrus, Jaden Smith, Sean Kingston, Ludacris and more, there is reason to suspect this is going to be seen by a large audience.

Besides the fact that Biebermania has become something of a huge pop culture phenomenon, the 16 year old has amassed millions of fans, over a billion youtube views, and respect from Usher to the US President.

Nothing could be more exciting to young people than the success story of Justin Bieber, and as the film rolls out in theatres February 11th, this could be one of 2011 s biggest releases in America.

Whatever you may think about the young star, there has been a huge movement towards young entertainers, and youtube is now the platform for the next generation of talent.

Justin Bieber, is afterall, just pursuing his own dreams. Why not do the same and start right now?

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