Justin Bieber more popular than Michael Jackson

NEW YORK, USA - Justin Bieber has surpassed the 1 billion views mark on youtube, becoming the first musician in history to reach a 6th of the world's population using the website.

Bieber, who found international fame with youtube became an internet sensation, with thousands of fans becoming subscribers every day. That total has now reached over 1,000,000,000 on youtube alone, but the numbers don't stop there.

The sheer success of Bieber's music videos on the internet show the incredible power of the internet over TV, and will surely be the primary focus for the music industry in the future.

As MTV no longer has music videos on its main channels, and Reality TV programmes dominate, the internet has become the new MTV.

Michael Jackson had never attained a billion views on youtube despite being the world's most renowned and biggest pop icon. As bieber enters the history books, whilst in his teens, it only goes to show what the new musical generation can do with the internet.

His most successful video to date 'Baby' featuring Ludacris has been viewed 345 million times, which is more people than the entire population of the US.

Music video totals featuring Bieber were added to create a tally of 1+ billion views

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