Justin Bieber fears Ricky Gervais spoof at Golden Globes Awards

Justin Bieber fever has reached an all time high, and now the 16 year old is going to present a Golden Globe Award to a lucky winner with Zac Efron.

The Candian born singer is reportedly afraid that he will become the centre of Ricky Gervais jokes and will have a beefed up security team to ensure that his presenting will be un-interrupted.

Zac Efron will join Bieber at the stage to present, but it would appear Awards host Ricky Gervais is having a negative effect on Bieber already

Justin Bieber on the red carpet

Bieber fever continues in Hollywood, and the young singer will become a reporter for this year s Golden Globes. Fans praised his VH1 Moustache prank on Friday as he interviewed celebs on the red carpet at the Critics Choice Awards.

It is likely that Justin Bieber s addition to the star-studded event is approval in itself for his own style of cool . As the fans start to tweet their like (and dislike) for him being part of the show. The Golden Globes Awards has always had its popcorn moments, and this will provide a good prelude as the ceremony gets underway.

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