Julianne Moore to star as Blood Libel Sarah Palin in HBO film

Jay Roach has signed on to direct Julianne Moore in Game Change , an adaptation of the New York Times best selling novel about the 2008 US election.

Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska was accused earlier this year of inciting hatred, and defended herself in the infamous blood libel speech following the Tucson shootings.

The HBO flick will recreate the behind the scenes story of the 2008 Presidential election with Sarah Palin amongst other candidates.

Acclaimed screenwriter Danny Strong will work on the adaptation. Roach and Strong collaborated on the Emmy winning Recount , which was based on the disputed 2000 elections with George Bush and Al Gore.

Julianne Moore s previous credits include Magnolia and The Big Lebowski and her role as Sarah Palin will no doubt be an intriguing one.

Recount Trailer starring Kevin Spacey

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