Journalist and author sue Angelina Jolie before film release

Angelina Jolie’s latest outing in ‘The Land Of Blood And Honey’ is coming out in theatres on the 23rd December. However, what audiences and fans of Jolie’s work weren’t expecting was for her to get sued before its release.

That’s exactly what’s happening. Angelina Jolie allegedly stole the film plot line of her Bosnian love story from an article published by a Croatian journalist and author James J. Braddock back in 2007. The report in Radar sheds light on the details of the lawsuit, but it’s not the first time Jolie has faced opposition to her movie, in some form of controversy.

During the shoot of her directorial debut, she was forced to move the location because victims of the Bosnian war alleged that her film “glorified” rape. The romantic tale about a Serbian man who falls in love with a Bosnian-Muslim woman is a difficult topic for many, and the controversy won’t stop there.

Despite the negative aspects of the war, the positive ones, such as job creation and boosting local film production have been put to the sidelines. For the local film industry, Angelina Jolie’s decision to shoot her first feature there is an honor. She also received praise from the Sarajevo film festival where she made an unscheduled stop along with Brad Pitt earlier this year.

Are you looking forward to Jolie’s directorial debut?

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