Johnny Depp gets sensationally drunk and this happens

Johnny Depp delivered arguably one of the most memorable speeches at the Hollywood Film Awards this weekend, after suffering what appeared to be 'cocktail fatigue'.

The actor's highly unstable, yet comedic speech was something out of 'The Rum Diary' mixed with his 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' character. The audience went along with the ride. It was funny, and clearly he was struggling to grasp the words even with the auto-cue.

To make matters worse, Depp's apparent intoxication made it difficult for him to maintain a good balance, often wavering as he tried to stick to the topic.

No matter. He managed to get some good sentences out, until he was cut off, and his expletives were muted during the televised award ceremony.

This unusual speech follows another recent bizarre public appearance where Depp went on stage with Marilyn Manson and played guitar riffs to 'The Beautiful People' song. Should we be worried or was this part of an elaborate hoax?

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