John Malkovich struggles after Madoff scam despite Nespresso fortunes

John Malkovich recently appeared in a Nespresso Ad with George Clooney but the talented actor faces financial difficulties following the Madoff scam. The ponzi scheme affected other high profile Hollywood figures including Steven Spielberg and Kevin Bacon.

After being convicted in 2009 for defrauding billions of dollars in a scheme that ruined hundreds of investors, Bernard Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison. The impact of the Madoff scam bankrupted countless investors and sent a shockwave through the entertainment industry.

John Malkovich, who triumphs as a character actor and has a unique sense of style has appeared in films from action to surreal. One of his off the wall, out of this world movie was a biopic of himself entitled Being John Malkovich . He has also starred in films with Clint Eastwood, and opposite Nicolas Cage in blockbuster Con Air

Malkovich: "Life can deal you some unexpected, unanticipated nasty little blows. For a long part of life I didn't have any money. I was very happy - it didn't bother me. It (the Madoff scam) ruined me financially but I don't think that matters..." ABC

John Malkovich Nespresso Ad with George Clooney


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