John Cusack and Selena Gomez join Gaza, Israel debate


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Hollywood stars including Selena Gomez and John Cusack have shared their views on the Gaza conflict, that continues to escalate with more reports of civilian casualties.

Earlier this week, Selena Gomez made two separate calls on her Twitter and Instagram for the violence to end:

Over the past day, John Cusack has been actively engaged in the debate, sharing people's thoughts, and the latest news on the conflict, adding his own view.

The mood is far from positive from the general feedback of readers engaged on Twitter, while the UN issued a statement a short while ago saying that one of its shelters had been bombed by Israeli jets despite consultations with the government about its location ahead of time.

Meanwhile the debate swirls in the media about the Gaza conflict with publications and journalists becoming increasingly hostile to Israel's military action. Despite the barrage of rockets being fired into Israel from Hamas militants, there is growing concern that the conflict is becoming a much wider humanitarian disaster whilst fueling anti-Jewish sentiment.

Entertainment figures have largely avoided making statements or opinions about the conflict thus-far, but the longer it goes on, the more help the citizens of Gaza are going to need from international donors. Despite the criticism that Selena Gomez received this week following her Gaza message, she was visibly the only high profile Hollywood figure to make a statement. Will others follow in her footsteps?

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