Jerry Bruckheimer defies camera ban on Cannes red carpet

Those of you who have walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival will know that cameras are strictly prohibited, but not when your name is Jerry Bruckheimer.

The ‘Super-Producer’ was the most high tech of the Pirates Of The Caribbean cast at today’s Cannes Premiere, live tweeting his walk up the red carpet, while Johnny Depp and co were taking questions from the ‘overly excited’ French media.

With the anticipation high ahead of the Pirates 4 Cannes premiere, Bruckheimer was actively tweeting his journey from London to Cannes.

Jerry Bruckheimer Cam

Twitter in this case has allowed Jerry Bruckheimer to make a live impression of red carpet events online whilst they happen. Few celebrities have taken the time to live tweet from premieres, but this may prove to be a winning formula thinking ahead.
Why not get Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz hooked up so they can send their updates as they meet and greet fans? Those who can’t make it to the premiere, can still feel like they are part of the ceremony.

Jerry Bruckheimer Cam

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Official Trailer


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