Jennifer Lopez action comeback?

Jennifer Lopez is set to return to the box office with two major movies as her American Idol appearance last season gave her stardom another win.

The actress and singer has been a major entertainment figure for years, and has never quite left the spotlight even though many would for wish it. Her last outing in 'The Back Up Plan' was a moderate, to average success for the actress, who, at her height in 2002 nearly broke the $100 million US Box Office mark for 'Maid in Manhattan'. In 2010, 'The Back Up Plan' just averaged out under $40 million which was underwhelming, however now it seems she has a planned comeback, and will it be something.

To start the show, Lopez is negotiating to star in Jason Statham's action packed 'Parker' and also feature in new comedy 'What to Expect When You're Expecting'. Have we seen Jennifer Lopez in a big high octane action role? Jason Statham speaks well to audiences, as a British version of Vin Diesel, but will J Lo add that magic to the action setting?

According to FoxNews , the films will be shot between American Idol seasons, but it is not certain what J Lo's commitment to American Idol is as of yet.

We wait to bring you more. What kind of movies would you like to see J Lo star in?

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