James Bond ‘Skyfall’ to focus on Judi Dench character?

The plot thickens for the newly announced ‘Skyfall’ that will see Daniel Craig reprise his role as James Bond for a 3rd time. The franchise had been put on hold after MGM’s bankruptcy and restructing delays, that saw the most popular spy movies face an uncertain future.

According to the latest word from the production team, James Bond’s unquestionable loyalty to his boss ‘M’ will meet its biggest test, as MI6 comes under attack. Judi Dench's interpretation of ‘M’ is formidable, and the actress has been at the heart of the James Bond franchise since ‘Goldeneye’ opposite Pierce Brosnan. The talented British actress could be set for a major role, and could this be her last outing as M?

With Academy award winning Sam Mendes directing, Bond could be switching gears from the widely panned ‘Quantam of Solace’, and this is definitely something the fans will be thrilled to hear. Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes and new talent Berenice Malohe will also form part of the cast for James Bond 23.

‘Skyfall’ is scheduled for a fall 2012 release at theatres.

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