Jackie Chan charity concert raises $3 million for Japan

Jackie Chan s Hong Kong music concert '311 Love Beyond Borders' was a big success, attended by a huge crowd of over 10,000 people.

Chan has been an activist for many years, and his latest effort to raise money, with the help of other Asian celebrities has raised $3 million. The entrance fee to the concert was HK $20 but people attending had the option to pay more.

Having spent nearly $150,000 of his own money to make the three hour concert a reality, the star has earned a high reward for the victims that need it the most.

The funds raised will go to the salvation army currently on the ground searching for survivors. This has also brought more attention to Japan s crisis in China. Politically both nations have a difficult history, but at a time of need, no historical conflict can divide the basic human need of survival against the wrath of nature. China has given much support to Japan despite the tension between both nations, and perhaps an event such as this can bring closer ties to both nations.

Jackie Chan, once again, has become the conduit for the Asian entertainment industry, and has saved many lives thanks to his goodwill

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