Is Lindsay Lohan making an epic comeback?

It's been a good week for Lindsay Lohan, after she was 'recruited' by Lady Gaga to feature in her new music video. On top of that, she now has an acting role lined up with Charlie Sheen in 'Scary Movie 5'.

There's been an increase in actor performances in music videos these past few months but Gaga's new video with Lindsay Lohan could set the standard for 'controversial choices'. Gaga has often portrayed larger than life characters in her videos with extravagant set designs, but we haven't seen the Hollywood connection until now.

After years of turbulent news stories it looks like Lindsay Lohan may finally be emerging from the dark cloud that has surrounded her for so long. Even Sheen had his moment of 'despair', but he managed to turn it into a comedy, going on a highly publicized tour last year and then winning again this year with new TV series 'Anger Management' on FX.

Will Lohan's collaboration on Gaga's next single for 'ARTPOP' give her the comeback she needs?

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