Indie filmmaker invents new movie genre

LOS ANGELES, USA - Ever heard of 'film sleepy?'. Self made Sondra Lowell, an independent filmmaker, has claimed to have invented a new genre to help people fall asleep during a movie.

One must think why anyone would want to pay to sleep in a movie theatre, but Lowell's ideas have garnered interest in the indie circuit.

In an interview with AOL, Lowell explains:

"I've always wanted to make a movie but found I was good at putting people to sleep. I took classes at UCLA and the teachers would fall apart when I made a script. People would tell me that I didn't understand how to make a story and told me the scenes should build on each other. I thought I was doing that, but people fell asleep. It took me awhile to realize I was on to something."

While falling asleep during a movie is generally considered a bad thing, the concept of creating a genre in that frame of mind seems intriguing. Does hollywood or other film industries for that matter create films intended to relax and make people sleepy? The fast pace lifestyle of people living in cities, and particularly spending hours in public transport creates added stress that sometimes doesn't get relieved from a horror or action flick.

Although most will find Lowell's films difficult to digest, or even ingest for that matter, her first outing directing features a somewhat humorous approach to dialogue between actors. Originally a 40 minute wonder, she admits to having extending it to a feature length movie, which involved increasing the delay between the character's dialogue.

Whilst most if not all filmmakers will stick to traditional genres for their films, the experimental side of the industry still has its fair share of interesting concepts and stories. Unfortunately, experimental film remains at large a very niche market, therefore most people never get to hear about such ideas.

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