Independent filmmakers, artists raise $100 million on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding has become such a huge success online we just can't ignore the power of Kickstarter after announcing the $100+ million mark of donations had been reached for projects on the site. has become such an international phenomenon because it provides an easy to use platform for independent filmmakers, artists, creatives and people looking to raise money for projects.

The power of small donations is transforming the film industry because it gives independent movie makers the chance to market their own films and raise financing using the great system that the website provides. It's the transparency and the ability to raise donations from a large group of people that makes it particularly attractive to users.

It's no secret that we have discussed Kickstarter in the past as a 'winning' tool, because it is truly that damn good. So, with all that said, when are you going to get your project on there?

What could be interesting to see in the future is the growth of crowdfunding for individual projects and increases in budgets. it could become such a success that even the more 'indie' Hollywood studios could turn to the site to raise part of their financing for their next movie. Let's wait and see.

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