Hustler Magazine mogul Larry Flynt offering you $1 million

Readers given incentive by Hustler Magazine

These past few months the entertainment industry has been heavily involved in the 2012 US Elections. Larry Flynt is now joining the chorus with his new $1 million offer, but he want's something epic in return.

Larry Flynt has bought two full-page advertisements in the Washington Post and USA Today (which comes out Tuesday) asking anyone to provide him with Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's tax returns, bank statements, and offshore account details. The Hustler mogul is offering up to $1 million for the information according to the ad.

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It was reported earlier in the week that the FBI and Secret Service were investigating a tip from someone who claimed to have stolen copies of Romney's tax returns, threatening to release them at the end of September.

Flynt offer Analysis

Flynt's big reward could entice the wrong kind of people to look for the information, and will more likely be seen as a publicity stunt to raise exposure for the magazine. Flynt is under no obligation to reward anyone the money if they do find the tax return information, which would also be 'illegal', since the FBI is already investigating other potential leaks of that information. However people are now talking about it, so Flynt has scored a publicity victory at a fairly small price. Good job!

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