"Hunger Games” fuels appetite for midnight release

Hundreds of fans queued up last night before entering cinemas that offer a midnight launch of the highly anticipated teen movie “Hunger games”.

This sci-fi action-packed thriller is expected to make $125 million this weekend, possibly surpassing profits made with “Alice in the Wonderland” ($116m in 2010). As well as economic pressure to achieve a box office record, “Hunger Games” fanatics await to see if the cinematographic version will reach the same standard as it´s literary equivalent.

Suzanne Collin´s novel that has sold over 30 million copies worldwide has reached the big screen. The plot centers on 16 year-old Katniss Everdeen, a teenager from a poor district in Panem, a city that has been rebuilt in North America following a rebel uprising 74 years earlier. Inspired by the Greek legend of the Minotaur in which a human offering had to be made every nine years to the man-eating Minotaur, in Panem, a boy and girl from each district are chosen to take part in a competition that will allow only one person to remain alive.

The roles are interpreted by Jennifer Lawrence (who received an Oscar nomination for her role in Winter´s Bone) and Josh Hutcherson and the film is directed by Gary Ross. Whilst being compared with “Harry Potter” and “Twilight”, the film is set out to be sufficiently different with “not to much of a love story” and attracts both male and female audiences.

Hunger Games Trailer

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