Hollywood style political ad going viral on youtube

Governor Tim Pawlenty recently released a Hollywood style political campaign ad that has attained over 60,000 views in just a few short days.

The campaign video sets a dark tone around the Whitehouse, shrouded in rain, as video segments of Obama speeches are mixed together in the style of a Hollywood trailer. Not that I haven’t seen this kind of creativity before, but it’s interesting to see how a campaign ad almost feels like a drama/biopic is about to hit the cinemas.

While this ad takes an anti-Obama stance, its narrative builds up towards the end with a powerful soundtrack and delivers something more dramatic than the ordinary campaign message. Of course, campaign ads are intended to make an argument and create the impact value. In this case, the filmmakers have used the power of youtube to spread the message, but also catered to audiences that like this kind of ‘thrilling content'.

The question I want to ask now is will we be seeing more ‘Hollywood productions’ in the 2012 election campaign? Maybe we could expect some celebrity cameos and the 20th Century Fox logo in future ads?

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