Hitler is taking his revenge on the entertainment industry

Hitler seems to be at it again. Despite his death in 1945 the brutal dictator just keeps coming back to ruin the careers of our favourite music artists and filmmakers. Why does Hitler keep making the headlines time and time again? It would seem that we can't live without his mention.

Kanye West this week made a 'Hitler outburst' while performing at the Big Chill Music Festival on Saturday night. During the middle of his performance he decided to reveal that people saw him as 'Hitler'. Well, as you can imagine it didn't give the crowd much empathy since it was them that came out to support him that night. Since the Hitler reference, Kanye has had to take the flak that goes with it. Why bring him up at all?

Next in line is Lars Von Trier, who famously took 'allegiance' to Hitler at the Cannes Film Festival and got himself a big lifetime ban. It took him just a few sentences to create a world frenzy about his 'Nazi past', that effectively ended his public career. Well, that might be an exaggeration, since he later apologised for it. Still, it didn't do him any favours in my view.

Once again, Hitler came back to haunt Megan Fox, who compared her prized director Michael Bay to him, on set. In retaliation, Bay took his wrath out on Fox and ensured she would not be in the next Transformers sequel.

So it would seem that Hitler has come back from the dead to damage careers as best he can. However, it's best not to mention, compare, give reference to or blame him directly for your woes, otherwise, the dictator will fight back, like he does in the countless web spoofs.

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