Helicopter Pilot offers to help Lady Gaga with Japan relief effort

Jeff Freyre, a veteran Helicopter pilot and former US Navy crewman has offered to help Lady Gaga with the Japanese relief effort.

With the crisis unfolding in Japan, and badly damaged infrastructure-blocking roads, it is hard to get around by land. Helicopters provide vital search and rescue abilities, and can deliver aid to remote locations. As with the Haiti Crisis, Japan s Earthquake has made entire regions impassable, with the scale of destruction reaching miles inland.

The entertainment industry will look toward fundraising and getting supplies sent out to the disaster zone. This is just one way of bringing expertise and celebrity together, where fundraising can be put to good use immediately.

Jeff has a unique ability to mobilize his technical expertise and have his helicopter sent out to Japan where he can get involved with search and rescue, and provide a vital lifeline to isolated communities. There is always a demand for helicopters, providing supplies from food & water to medicine and personnel.

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