Harvey Weinstein condemns critics over controversial Miral movie

The official screening of Miral at the United Nations was condemened by the American Jewish committee as anti-Israeli but Weinstein strongly deflected criticism.

In a recent interview, Harvey Weinstein said: "The people who don't want you to see the movie for political reasons are crazy or wrong."

Harvey Weinstein is after all a Jewish-American, which makes it hard for critics to blast him for being purposely anti-Jewish. The Miral screening comes at a time when Arab-Israeli relations have been strained by recent unrest in the Middle East. To add to Israel s woes, the new leadership in Egypt recently allowed Iranian destroyers to pass through the Suez canal.

However, apart for the international situation, Miral tells the story of a young Palestinian girl who grows up as an orphan in the first Arab-Israeli war. This is also a sensitive issue as both sides have differing views over what took place and how it affected both populations.

Miral trailer

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