Halo does Texas Music Conference SXSW his Way!!

Running into my South by Southwest experience totally ignorant of what it was and being invited 2 days before departure, my presence wasn't really relevant or understood. I was told that top and local rock artists would be attending and I would be able to see if not meet them. Lips still swollen from attending South by So What, an annual hard rock concert, only a couple of days before I was still amped for the opportunity to be in the lime light. I had no idea what a true opportunity and eye-opener it would ultimately be. Had I known, the ride to Austin would have been much more exciting and less tiring.

Upon arrival it was all business. The bags were dropped and the street team went to work. It so happened that Warner Brothers hosted a party in our downstairs lobby, the perfect contingency to take full advantage of all the open bar and free food , right? Everyone was taking pictures, getting video footage, developing relationships; this is when I began to realize what this event was about.   Refusing to be a superfluous member of the team I grabbed a camera and a new mentality. At that moment Hurricane Bells were setting up for their performance on stage. I made it my duty to do all I could to get the best pictures and interview. Not because I thought that s what I needed to do, but because I didn't want to be the only member of the team not pulling their weight. Preceding the bands performance I approached the lead vocalist with a camera in hand and an amateur skill level.   After the first interview with Steve Schiltz I immediately fell into place. The interviewing became second nature as if I had been doing it for an extended amount of time. My presence was no longer casual.

With a 12 megapixel camera and badge I became press. The following days were just as productive, getting the shot or the top interview became my prerogative. Our second day in Austin I found myself at an exclusive party hosted by SWAGG (swagg.com), where with the help of my fellow street teamer, Tai, we began to fake it til we made it so to speak. I had my first solo interview with the promoters of iheart radio. This gave me the false confidence I needed to confront Sherlock's Daughter (http://sherlocksdaughter.blogspot.com/) an alternative band from Australia. Right away the necessary chemistry to conduct a proper first-class interview was undeniable (http://www.youtube.com/user/ComposeYourselfMag). This only fueled the fire I had surprisingly acquired. After being invited to sit and eat with Sherlock's Daughter Tai and I ran into Perez Hilton s Public Relations representative and had drinks with Sum41's Deryck Whibley (lead vocals, rhythm guitar),   Travis McCoy - lead vocals for Gym Class Heroes and running around with American freelance photographer Jen Maler .

I had made it. Not only was I rubbing elbows with the big names in the Industry, but I made my my being there essential for the common goal of our street team. By the end of my first experience at SXSW I had networked the whole way, attained contacts, and impressed my street team leader Teressa Raiford (Intrinsic Entertainment Group). I was so excited, exhausted and thrilled I had been apart of something so profound I had a totally different mentality when I slept on the long car ride back.

Written by Halo

-Compose Yourself Magazine

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