Halle Berry in 'Dark Tide' revealed

Halle Berry is exploring new territory in 'Dark Tide' with co-star Olivier Martinez in this newly released trailer for the film which we don't know much about.

In actual fact, there has been more buzz surrounding Halle Berry's love for Olivier Martinez than the film.

So what exactly is 'Dark Tide'? Is this another Oscar contender for the talented actress, or should we put this in the 'B-movie' Horror/thriller category.

The premise of 'Dark Tide' is a story about a diving instructor (Halle Berry) who is obsessed by the White Sharks that swim the Oceans of her native homeland. She encounters a near fatal episode at sea which nearly breaks apart her marriage but returns a year later to face her predators.

Ok, so this is not exactly blowing us away with suspense and intrigue, and what makes this movie less exciting is how we have seen the countless tabloid stories about Martinez and Berry, which could undermine audience's desire to even see the film.

Are you excited about 'Dark Tide'?

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