Golden Globes, Super Bowl ratings up, will Oscars follow?

The film industry s most important event is just weeks away, but will it live up to the hype of the Golden Globes and the Super Bowl?

While each event has its own unique charm and importance, TV ratings on the whole are improving and it looks like audiences have not shifted away from Award ceremonies as feared because of live streaming on the internet.

In actual fact, the growth in TV audiences, particularly for this year s record breaking Super Bowl might spell a new era for Award and sport ceremonies. The concept of web TV has taken many forms from event broadcasts on ustream to a whole range of programming on Hulu and Netflix.

Whether internet TV will take over from tradiotional cable, and TV networks is still not certain. The technology needed to support millions watching HD programming through the internet is available, but not in place. Also, for live content, especially Award ceremonies, the demands for   quality is important.

It will be a few years yet before the infrastructure of the US can cope with the huge demand of full HD streaming content to millions of viewers.

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