Golden Globes red carpet has been ruined by a leak

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Golden Globes red carpet

The 2014 Golden Globes faces a small catastrophe as a major leak his engulfed a large portion of the red carpet.

Later today Hollywood's biggest stars will grace the Golden Globes' red carpet where thousands will watch as the award season gets off to a glamorous start.

However. due to the ongoing issue with the leak that has noticeably affected the condition of the carpet, making it soggy, wet, and unattractive, event managers will be hustling to get a whole new carpet out there and fast (or at least blow drying it)

This is not the first time we've seen a red carpet disaster. At previous Cannes Film Festival openings we've witnessed the total destruction of some carpets hours before the stars arrived.

Hopefully the stars won't need to bring their boots but time is running out to fix the leak. E! released this photo of the red carpet just a few moments ago via Twitter.

Thanks to LA based DP Noah Pankow for sending this overhead shot of the carpet right now..

Noah Pankow
"A technician placed a light too close to a fire sprinkler.."

Would you guys be seriously upset if the carpet was dirty?

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