Going viral : Star wars political campaign video that is WTF awesome

The 'Internet Party of Ukraine' has uploaded a Star Wars political rally video to Youtube, featuring stormtroopers, memorable characters and a passionate speech from Darth Vader to hundreds of 'fans'.

Guarded by a 'platoon' of stormtroopers, the rally begins with an impassioned plea by a party representative, followed by Darth Vader's grand entrance and what looks like a staged attempted assassination with a confetti downpour to follow it. He then makes a valiant cry to his loyal followers, who scream and cheer (although the editing is jolty at times).

The video then intercuts with random speeches and children giving Darth Vader flowers, who is also accompanied by Chewbacca and a host of claps from the audience, who are partially serious, but mostly laughing. (Fast forward to 2 minutes 20 to witness serious comedy)

Darth Vader makes political rally in Ukraine

According to the BBC an electrician named Viktor Shevchenko decided to run for President as Darth Vader but he was turned down by the Central Electoral Commission. He has made an appeal following the rejection. Disney made no comment about the Star Wars political movement in Ukraine. May the force be with them.

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