Going viral: Idaho plane crash video

Idaho plane crash video stuns

Nathan williams was filming inside the cockpit of a small propellor plane as it was in mid-flight in central Idaho when disaster struck.

Williams decided to make a video of the day trip and had set himself up to get footage of everyone in the plane and the view from the sky. However in mid-flight the plane started to lose altitude and quickly stalled. Holding the camera steady, and without a word from any of the four passengers, the plane descended quickly into some trees.

The footage shows the crunch of the propellor as it skims the tree tops and the plane spirals downwards. There's a loud noise and the camera continues to film as it hits the ground. We lose the image as the camera falls down near the feet of the pilot.

The video was edited after this point to show the aftermath of the crash. Williams walks up to the pilot, Les Gropp, who has a bloodied face. After being rescued he was admitted to hospital and suffered broken ribs, a fractured cheekbone and a broken jaw.

The passengers are very lucky to be alive, and this is the first video I have ever seen of a plane crash where the victims survived and walked out to tell the story. Unbelievable.

Idaho plane crash video from inside the cockpit

The Idaho Plane crash video : cockpit POV

WARNING : Some viewers my find the footage disturbing.

(The crash took place in June but the video was uploaded this week)

Idaho plane crash video on BBC

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