Going Viral: How to survive an active shooter PSA video

PSA-survive-a-shooter video

Active Shooter PSA Video goes viral

A PSA video produced by the Department of Homeland Security is going viral on Youtube for it's message about gun violence and how to survive a shooting incident.

The Batman shootings happened after the video was produced but in light of the event, and the national implications it will have in the future, people are now looking at how it will affect legislation.

The Houston Chronicle interviewed Dennis Storemski, the head of the Houston mayor's Homeland security office. The PSA was created 2 weeks before the Batman shootings occurred:

"We didn't release it at the time because we didn't know it was relevant. Now it is."


How to Survive an active shooter PSA

How will America deal with the aftermath of this shooting and does this video really provide the right information to help people avert danger in a critical situation. Gun sales reportedly rose sharply in the days after the incident as people wanted increased protection for themselves and their families.

What do you think of this video?

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