Global performance marketing guru Teressa Raiford

Teressa Raiford

DALLAS, USA - Business development and management consultant Teressa Raiford is taking the entertainment industry by storm with her company Intrinsic Entertainment Group. As an entrepreneur, Teressa has worked with mainstream clients and has supported projects for the world's biggest artists such as Kanye West, Akon, Ice Cube and Beyonce Knowles. She has conceptualized innovative campaigns that have reached millions across the world creating a new standard in online marketing for major brands, events and individuals. Raiford has organized iconic events such as the Presidents Day Celebration with ACA United for Barack Obama and the Ed Hardy Runway Show featuring the Dallas Cowboys.

Teressa likes to keep a low profile, but her determination to make a difference in this industry makes her quiet approach felt, being heavily involved in philanthropy, particularly with the Fuller Center For Housing of Greater Dallas a charity started by Habitat for Humanity founders Millard and Linda Fuller. Miss Raiford is handling the marketing and program development as a Board member and working in Partnership with The Oak Cliff Network of Pastors by creating outreach services and fund raising efforts.

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How did you get into the music industry?

I started my career in the music industry back in the early 80's. It all started with the break dancing, popping and rap movement.   I had a cousin "Larry Bell" who was a well-known producer and Deejay. I would show up at all of his summer time events taking place at local parks to check out the music and different bands that would come to Portland as entertainment for the handful of minorities that lived there.   Rappers and producers would start coming by my grandmothers house to ask me for advice on their music and we would work together to create new styles that would make them more popular then the next crew.

What helped you become successful, and did you have any mentors to guide you?

The key to my success was always taking the industry seriously. I always felt there was a business aspect to promoting and developing the art and culture of HIP HOP! This was a proven method when I saw the movie Breakin' after that movie came out it was enough for me to start formulating merchandising strategies for the BRANDS we were creating. I had family members who did "air brushing", "beat boxing" my cousin Clarence was well known for dancing moves called "poppin" as well as winning several rapping awards. We knew Music would and could take us anywhere we wanted to go. As a woman in the industry it was always hard to find mentors who would take me seriously. I had friends who needed my help but would not make me a useful component of the TEAM. That always made me work harder as an individual because I felt that I had to prove my value to them.

Do you work only in the music industry or in other industries?

Music is a multi-billion dollar industry and it is the formulation of business, marketing and promotions that carries the consumer to the product.   This formula is used in all product and service based industry so I have created my niche based on the premise of doing "Good Business."  Being known for doing "Good Business" has allowed me to work with companies of all types. I have clients in transportation, religion, medical, housing, sports, gaming, and investments... I consider myself as a business architect and my goal is always to create blue prints for success.

What is your role in social media and performance marketing and how is that important?

With the diversity of my clientele I have discovered that the use of different promotional products partnered with entertainment based events is a valuable asset in reaching broader access to consumers. Social media is a launching pad into the mindset of all demographics reachable online. I usually start my projects with market research and by following trends for those demographics. Once I have the data necessary I choose an array of promotional tools to reach the audience and market to them in a way that seems both familiar and exciting. I feel that interaction during the sales process is the best way to bring value to your products. Include the consumer in the campaign and you will always be successful.

Having set the standard for video contests back in 2008, do you think this is a good way to promote a brand/artist?

Absolutely! I feel that in the 21st century everyone is a star in their own right.   Inviting the consumer to be a part of your sales and promotional campaign is a strategy that will continue to captivate and motivate them to buy or recognize your products.   Of course it will increase sales and your companies bottom line.

Ms Raiford is currently working on several major events including a production and campaign for the United States Junior Olympics and supporting and event for Boxer Mike Tyson with gaming company which is slated to kick off in July 2010. There are several projects in the building stages however Raiford feels each one is equally important regardless of the popularity of her clients. Miss Raiford says her job is "Branding" and for a worker bee like her the job is never done.

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