George Clooney refuses Daily Mail apology, goes even further

Actor George Clooney has increased the pressure on the Daily Mail after they released a news story that was based on falsified facts regarding his fiancee's mother, Baria.

Writing for the 2nd time on USA Today about the newspaper, George Clooney refuses the apology and calls the newspaper "The worst kind of tabloid."

After the Daily Mail allegedly fabricated the story earlier in the week, Clooney was quick to condemn the news and was very vocal about the paper's use of religious context within the false report.

The Daily Mail had responded with an apology that Clooney felt has exposed them, and says the tabloid :

"makes up its facts to the detriment of its readers and to all the publications that blindly reprint them."

George Clooney recently appeared in 'Monuments Men' and will star in the Coen brothers' upcoming 'Hail, Caesar' project.

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