George Clooney poisoned in Italy

Clooney and girlfriend Stacey Keibler turn green

A summer injustice in Italy has resulted in a bout of food poisoning for George Clooney, Stacy Keibler and a group of friends.

Clooney, who is currently enjoying life at Lake Como went out Thursday night to a restaurant close by with a group of friends in Cernobbio. After eating, everyone in the group was subsequently poisoned by the ‘dangerous food’ but thankfully no one required hospital treatment. It later emerged that the restaurant owner had denied any responsibility and that it couldn't have been the food. He also said that other people who had dined the same day had not been affected.

Girlfriend Stacy Keibler used her Twitter account to give the all clear:

“Oh well at least I’m in Italy.”

Taking refuge from the perilous rain in Northern Europe, Clooney has been actively working with Charles Adams on his special Obama fundraiser, set for the end of August in Geneva.

George Clooney has been in Italy since early June for his summer vacation.

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