George Clooney in Out of Sight 2?

George Clooney has been linked to a sequel to his hit 'Out Of Sight' opposite Jennifer Lopez and starring Ving Rhames. The film, released in 1998 was one of Clooney s very first big budget Hollywood movies.

The original movie was directed by Steven Soderbergh who has announced that he will retire after the next two films. This puts him Out of Sight for the sequel, if the rumours are true.

Elmore Leonard, the Novelist who penned the original book that was adapted for Out of Sight wants Clooney to play the same character based on his 2009 'Road Dogs'.

Would Clooney want to do a sequel to this kind of movie without the original master behind it? With his film Ides Of March getting huge attention for its political edge, the star might want to have more outings as an actor/director.

Out of Sight Trailer starring George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez

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