George Clooney and Alexander Payne the Oscar brothers?

George Clooney as at it again, with ‘The Descendants’ directed by Alexander Payne, who put ‘Sideways’ on the map in a big way.

Is this another moment for George Clooney to say to the Oscar voters, “let’s put me on the list again guys”. Quite possibly. When Clooney turns to drama with strong social messages, award shows start getting excited.

'The Descendants’ touches on the struggles a father has to reconnect with his daughters after his wife goes through a horrific boating accident. All the issues of fatherhood and the struggles of raising children are written in bold as we look at the first trailer for this drama-Oscar vehicle.

George Clooney of course has a knack of getting high marks, especially in his recent outing in ‘Up In The Air’ which touched on the art of firing people. With these issues so imprinted into the lives of ordinary people, films like 'Up In the Air' and 'The Descendants' give 'homage' to struggles millions face year round.

Will ‘The Descendants’ provide the ideal backdrop for indie director Payne and Hollywood star Clooney to prove to critics they can touch the heart?

The Descendants Trailer starring George Clooney

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