French rapper releasing new album one course at a time

Hells Kitchen

PARIS French rapper Matt Moerdock has created a new concept for his upcoming album Bienvenue à Hell's Kitchen . It will be released one course at a time with single I got You as a starter.

Moerdock, who recently performed with G-Unit artist Lil Scrappy and Tony Williams from Kanye West's GOOD music label, has often been labeled as the last true Hip Hop artist in France. Moerdock recently performed with top Czech artists Pio Squad and Slovakian Moja Rec and has a large following in Eastern Europe. Currently in the studio, he is recording a special Czech menu to be included as a bonus in his new album.

You can see Matt Moerdock performing live in Grigny on 18th December at La Scene underground

I got You will be available on itunes from 16th December 2009.

Matt Moerdock's 2005 MTV Hit 'Sortez les Rangs'

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