Frankenstorm images taken from 'The Day After Tomorrow'

Fake Hurricane Sandy images circulate

2004 hit 'The Day After Tomorrow' has been given new life after fans of the movie, and jokers alike, uploaded images on a mass via instagram and Twitter.

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As we approach the final hours before the storm makes landfall, the social web has been buzzing with images and first-hand accounts of hurricane Sandy as it approaches New York.

Low lying areas have already been evacuated, and the situation is becoming very tense. It was reported earlier via that winds had reached 90mph.

Fake images of New York in total destruction are actually stills from blockbuster hit 'The Day After Tomorrow' which features The Statue of liberty submerged, and the entire city of New York devastated from a tsunami wave.

We are not at that stage yet, but this real life event is certainly giving observers room for 'parody'.

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