Going viral: French mock François Hollande in Facebook Look Back video

Presidential Facebook video parody

By now you've almost overdosed on Facebook look back videos but save your strength one last time for the François Hollande parody that you wont want to miss.

After his turbulent affair with actress Julie Gayet, and her subsequent César nomination, parody artists have been quick to turn Hollande's personal life into entertainment.

In this latest Facebook video parody, creators have taken some controversial pictures of the President in the past few years and adjusted them to the Facebook timeline. Of course, some of the 'accomplishments' are far from flattering and the Élysée might get a little upset when they see the images in this montage.

Entitled '10 years of François Hollande' on Facebook, the video shows everything from his ex lovers to that smug portrait that become international news. There's even a cocaine reference and some images that could suggest the President is a full-time gardener, and alcoholic.

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