Fox denies Richard Belfry's 'Jesus Hates Obama' ad for Super Bowl

When religion gets intertwined with advertisements, networks like Fox walk a thin line as they can be deemed offensive to viewers.

Fox were recently approached to air a Jesus Hates Obama ad by creator Richard Belfry that was deemed inappropriate despite its unserious implications. As the US recovers from a political tragedy after the Tuscon shootings, there is no doubt that inflammatory rhetoric, or religious advertisements related to politics are now more thoroughly evaluated.

Despite the 30 second ad s non-offensive nature and a statement on the creator s website denying that they actually believe their own advertisement, their quest for exposure is not the right approach.

Fox Entertainment may be have a conservative audience base, but to air commercials like this doesn t benefit a network because it can incite religious hatred and divide viewers. Controversy however, is not immune to the web s viral nature, and the video has been leaked on youtube.

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