Filmmakers changing the election landscape online

Election campaigns have always depended on ‘propaganda’ to attract voters and influence decisions in films, door-to-door campaigning and TV broadcasts. There are many more tools used, but when it comes to film, there is a new, emerging landscape for elections that brings an added edge to it all.

As we saw back in 2008 with the US Presidential Election, Obama’s campaign relied heavily on social media for small donations, and with that, a big range of videos about the issues were produced, including TV commercials, interviews, and campaign rally coverage. All of these videos were part of his nationwide media campaign to communicate his message to potential voters across the country. This past week, we have seen during the 2012 French election campaign a string of videos coming out almost on the day of the events taking place. Video has become such a big ‘influencer’ that filmmakers using DSLRs, mini pocket cams and other handheld cameras are making the big difference in these elections.

Filmmakers today have at their disposal affordable cameras, and editing software that makes video shooting and editing much faster than in 2008. With this ability alone, and the speed of adsl continuously rising, it is a no-brainer to see why film production is becoming faster, more efficient, and easier to upload. Youtube can convert your video within minutes, making it available to a potential audience of millions. Campaign teams are now using videos to convey the message of their candidates on a daily basis covering a wide variety of the day’s events. These include feedback from people at rally events, discussions, Q and As, montages of candidate pledges and much more.

So as we await the next US Presidential election, watch out to see who has the edge on the web when it comes to films, because those tools will be hugely important to the success of both Presidential candidates and their ability to reach voters online. Filmmakers once again will be changing this election, and will be a valuable asset to both parties.

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