Film Studio DreamWorks Animation SKG voted 10th best company

GLENDALE, USA - Film studio DreamWorks Animation SKG has been voted the 10th best compny to work for by Fortune Magazine.

The iconic film studio (Animation) is behind some of the most successful films including Shrek and Madagascar. It was founded by Steven Spielberg, music executive David Geffen and business partner Jefferey Katzenberg.

Employees get star treatment when they work at the film studios, which include a full breakfast and lunch for free. On top of that, workers can also go to free movie screenings, company parties, yoga and art classes.

Film students looking to work at DreamWorks Animation Studio are sure to find an amazing career experience and according to yahoo, everyone is given the opportunity to pitch movie ideas to studio executives.

The connection between up and coming talent and top studio executives is sometimes perceived as an impossible to do thing. In reality, everyone is human, and whether you are just starting out, there is always value to what you are doing.

As a bonus, CEO Jefferey Katzenberg will call up candidates and encourage them to stop by. This definitely gets our seal of approval.

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