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Film schools have established themselves as an alternative to university education offering students 1, 2 or 3-year courses in a variety of disciplines. Going to film school is always a big decision, partly because of the cost of tuition, but also due to the nature of our industry today. It’s not easy to break into the film industry, but when people succeed, there are big rewards.

Undergraduates looking to study at film school should ask the right questions to help them understand the goals they want to achieve. Do you want to be a screenwriter or director? Are you more passionate about creation or management? There are many areas of the economy that are integrated into the film industry. Film schools can teach students the technical as well as practical studies to become film directors, screenwriters and cinematographers.

Film school is not just about learning how to make films, or work on a film set in a different role, but it’s also an entrance into the industry. Every film school is well integrated into the film business as student graduates, past and future, are all connected to the community. After all, the British Film Industry is a closely-knit community working together to make films. Without this collaboration of many different skills, we couldn’t create the movies we see in the cinema today. Graduates of film schools often value the relationships and the friendships developed over the period of their courses. Studying a 3-year degree or doing a masters in film can be very rewarding because there is no one right path to choose from. As long as you align your goals, with your passion, and are determined to make a career in the film industry, you will eventually succeed.

Some of the courses available at film schools include accredited diplomas and degrees that are more focused towards a specialization. Although a university degree in film studies can offer some of the practical and theory behind filmmaking, it cannot replace what you will learn in film school. Depending on the stage you are at in your career a 1-year diploma can give you a real taste for the film industry. But if you truly believe that your passion lies in the film business and you want to dedicate yourself to it, then a Bachelor of Arts or a Masters after 3 years of prior education, is a way to go.

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