Film Producer

film producer

Building the film production

A film producer has a wide range of roles within the film industry depending on the kind of shoot that is in production. Film producers are the financiers and team-building architects of a film production. Producers can both finance and project manage a film from start to finish. Depending on the budget of the shoot, a producer can self-finance a film but also take on another role on set, such as the director. This is often the case in short film production, where the director also produces and finances the project.

Producers : Connections and credits

However, producers can also be well-connected individuals who facilitate the production of a film thanks to a link with talent within the industry. For example, an indie movie with a budget of $3 million might have several producers, some who are financing the project, others, who bring with them talent such as a famous screenwriters or stars. This facilitates the production and hence people often get producer credits for helping, and not just for attaching known talent. This can also fall under many other pretexts such as providing a location free of charge, which has value, and allows a movie to be shot for a discount.

Producer Roles

There are several kinds of producer roles including but not limited to: Associate producer, executive producer, co-producer, music producer, visual effects producer.