Film Industry Network update

It has been a while since I wrote an update on the network. I have been very busy with so many different things taking place at the same time.

Awards season is coming to an end tonight with the Oscars taking place. I have to say I can t wait because as we enter the spring I want to focus attention on our talented members, new development projects and expanding the competitions and jobs on offer.

I want to thank the New Zealand tourist board, BBC, YOBITV and Lamag for sharing their fantastic competitions with us. The response has been tremendous with forums and communities from around the world signing in to discover these great opportunities.

I am also grateful to have interviewed Martina Amati who won the BAFTA for her short film last month. We had a great chat about short filmmaking and I encourage you to check out her work and see how things progress

You can read that story here

I will be interviewing some exciting guests this month giving you an insight of different parts of the industry. Stay tuned. Don't forget to sign up and stay up to date!

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