Film Editor

Film post-production editing

The post-production phase of a movie is often the most important part because this is where everything can change. Editors do 60% of the storytelling on an average film production because there is so much that changes in terms of the sequencing of shots.
film editor
After the production of a movie, the footage needs to be broken down into various scenes and prepared for the director to be able to guide his vision. Sometimes producers will have their input on the editing process (to the dissapointment of directors) because of certain elements they need to ‘sell’ in the movie. This can be scenes with explosions for example, that are extended because it cost the studio a lot of money, even if it doesn’t necessarily advance the story.

Editing tricks

Editors have to take into account colour balance, shots, framing, effects, dialogue, credit sequences and much more. Being an editor is at first fairly technical because you need to know how the editing suite works before you can play around with the footage, but afterwards, it becomes very creative.

The editor can really make all the difference in a movie production whether it be a short film or high budget film. Teams of editors work on bigger feature length films whiles on a short production, often the director is also the editor of his/her own film.