Film Director

film director
A film director is the master visionary of a film production who translates the concept of a script and its characters into images. The role of a film director is a diverse one, as he/she needs to have leadership skills, creative thinking and vision to make movies.

From managing actors to working with the Director of Photography on take 17, it takes a passionate and dedicated individual to grasp all the elements of a film production and bring them together with a singular vision. Communication is a very important part of this process. Working with actors on set is just as important as framing your shots with your DP. It’s not just about the talent on set, but the technical aspect behind the eyes of your camera lens.

Film directing is an incredibly rewarding but challenging career. There are many pressures directors face, from time constraints to financial awareness. A big budget studio film or a low budget corporate gig can both be challenging because at the end of the day, in order for a film to be successful it must make money or sell a service. To be effective as a communication tool, it has to speak on it’s own and really master the technical aspects such as the director’s choice of shots, to his preference in set design, costumes and even locations.