Family Guy Star Wars movie to be best Christmas DVD?

Star Wars fans will get a treat this Christmas season with Family Guy s It s a Trap based on Return of The Jedi.

Fox s animated series has been hugely successful, and this will be their 3rd Star Wars spoof released since 2005 s Blue Harvest that recreated A New Hope. In the sequel released in 2009, the Family Guy animators took their comedy higher with a remake of Empire Strikes Back .

Lucas Films provided access to Seth McFarlane s team to be able to take on the franchise with animated humor and the latest DVD will be out on December 21st

Stars Wars popularity rages on

The hugely popular Star Wars franchise has been the centre of a billion dollar industry, with animated series remaking the hit films, merchandising and special Star Wars themed events. With Christmas day approaching in a week's time, shoppers are searching far and wide for the best deals on Star Wars items and in a recent Google Poll, 'Family Guy' was the 4th most popular TV series  search term for 2010.

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