Execution of Troy Davis a total travesty

The scheduled execution of Troy Davis has ignited fury and condemnation from all corners of the world including entertainment figures.

Amnesty International

With the news spreading fast that a last minute clemency deal has failed, it seems inevitable that Troy Davis will be executed despite huge doubts over the case. The inconsistencies surrounding the case which dates back to 1989 when Davis was accused of murdering Savannah officer Mark Macphail has led to an international campaign to halt the trial.

From former President Jimmy carter to a campaign by Amnesty International and tweets from the hip hop community including stars like P Diddy, you wonder why this trial hasn't been suspended. On top of that, even the Pope and Desmond Tutu have voiced their objections to the execution.

Capital punishment remains a touchy subject in America with a divide in public opinion over whether it is lawful or not. Here in Europe we have abandoned such forms of punishment as they are deemed cruel and seen as a violation of basic human rights. Whether this international campaign to stop the execution will work is only a matter of time. What will the repercussions be if it goes ahead? Very dire, and a total PR disaster for the US on its image on human rights and justice.

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